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Pressure injection chemical dampproof courses have been successfully used for over 25 years and is a nominated method on restoration projects throughout the world.

Diagnostic Testing

BRW Remedial has over 20 years of experience in carrying out numerous water tests and evaluation of properties in order to determine to cause of deterioarion of properties.

We are able carry out various water test to balconies / bathrooms and flat roof tops to determine the cause of the leak and then provide a detailed report and quotation for repairs.

The director and foreman of BRW Remedial are both licenced Builders and have a thorough understanding of all aspects of building construction and rectification.


The Moisture Encounter moisture meter is a non-destructive overall building inspection tool which has applications for the Rising Damp Industry.

It has many unique features that make moisture measurement and Evaluation fast, accurate and versatile.

When used by BRW skilled professional it is able to correctly and accurately identify moisture throughout the home allowing thorough diagnosis of underlying issues thus allowing BRW to provide a Quote for repairs CLICK HERE



The waterproofing membranes, coatings and joint sealants used when completing our jobs are the best available and are installed by experienced and skilled applicators.

Where required we have our material manufactures come to site and provide site specific specifications.


BRW Remedial is the best in the business when it comes to waterproofing buildings. Our services include:

• Waterproofing of all forms of properties including residential / body corporat and commercial
• Internal and external wet areas.

Determining if your property has an issue

The following points are key indications that your building has water damage:
• Rotting carpet or floor coverings.
• Corrosion of metals such as steel reinforcement, lintels, beams, flashings and door frames.
• Swelling and rotting timbers like skirtings, architraves, floor joists, beams, framing, wall boards; and de-lamination of tiling.
• Blistering of paint and plaster; and deterioration of facades.
• Damp, musky smell and mildew.
. Signs of calcium staining to the front edge of your balconies

Causes of leaks

The most common causes of waterproofing failure are:
• The waterproofing membrane is old and needs replacing.
• Building movement – as a new building settles, the movement of joints and the structure may cause a tear in the membrane system or overstretch it.
• Having been previously incorrectly diagnosed and repaired.
• Lack of expertise of earlier tradesmen, or improper products.
• Lack of attention to penetrations and corner details.
• New penetrations such as pipe work, cables etc.
• New materials and incompatible material combinations.

One of the No 1. reasons for failure is the decision to chose the lowest priced quote when waterproofing BUT the saying " you only get what you pay for " couldn't be more true when it comes to waterproofing !

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