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We carry out all aspects of waterproofing.

We specialise in removal of faulty membrane and re application of new superior coatings. We have recently purchased a concrete scarifying machine which allows for easy removal of old membrane in a short period of time.

The systems of membrane we use are specific to each job.As there are a number of different membranes on the market designed for certain application. When assessing a project we suggest which particular products are best and if required we have the product manufacturer come to the site and provide a specialised specification.

Due to the fact that both the Director and foreman of the company are both fully qaulified builders we have a extensive knowledge of building construction.

This is an essential element when carrying out remedial works as in order to detect how something may be failing you need to know how it should have been constructed.

We carry out a large number of water tests for different consultants in order to determine why the existing design may be failing.

Our company has a great deal of experience in concrete spalling repairs.

We have a separate division in the company that specialises in these repairs and we have recently invested in a substantial amount of machinery in order to carry out these works.

One of our main purchases was a portable sand blasting machine which allows us to remove all traces of rust from the reo.

At present we believe we are only of a hand full of companies in Sydney to provide these services.

We have also purchased a portable grout pump which allows us to spray remedial products where required.

We are also able to carry out concrete crack injection as an alternative to complete membrane replacement.

We have found that in some situations this can be an ideal alternative when treating water leaks.

Instead of having to pull up the entire area above a slab it may be possible to fix the leak from below THUS saving thousands of dollars in repairs.

How We Work?

Chemical Injection

Chemical injection damp proof courses have been successfully used for over 25 years and is a nominated method on restoration projects throughout the world.

Westox Cocoon

Cocoon is a poultice product designed specifically to remove salts associated with rising and lateral damp from masonry walls, works especially well on sandstone.